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Changi Airport Transfer Services-Singapore

Are you travelling with a large group? Or maybe arriving in Singapore with a large load of luggage? MAXI CAB stands ready to handle airport transfers with our fleet of reliable vehicles. Enjoy our diverse transport services, and let a professional driver ferry you to your destination in a Maxi taxi.

Our two-way services are perfect for Singapore Changi Airport Transfers, and can get you to your destination on time.

  • Affordable prices
  • Up to 13 riders + 5 pieces of luggage
  • Quick response time
  • Accessible during early & late hours

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Singapore Airport Transfer


If you're visiting Singapore for the first time, and need a ride, MAXI CAB is the perfect service to engage for a hassle-free journey. We ensure that your vacation is smooth from the moment you step off the plane.

Whether it's an airport pickup on arrival, or a departure to the airport for your flight, our experienced drivers stand at the ready. We offer meet and greet services, where we can receive you upon arrival and escort you to your hotel. Have a stress-free trip, and enjoy sightseeing in the city!


And if you're on the way to the airport for a business trip, MAXI CAB can get you to your flight on time. Just book our fleet in advance, and we'll come pick you up at your location.

Choose MAXI CAB today for your airport transfer, and experience our reliable, affordable, and comfortable rides!

Transport your luggage with our taxis


Frequently Asked Questions on our Airport Transfer Services

How Do I Contact MAXI CAB in Singapore?

Book a MAXI CAB here.

How Much is a MAXI CAB fare in Singapore?

Our cabs start at a reasonable price of $50 for two hours. 

How Many Passengers Can a MAXI CAB Have?

Our largest Maxi Cabs can carry up to 13 passengers

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book a Cab?

You can make a reservation with us and get a Maxi cab within 15 minutes or less.

Are Your Services Available 24/7?

Yes, our services are available all day, anywhere in Singapore.

Can I Book Round Trips?

Yes, you can hire us for a round trip to and from the airport.

Do You Provide Special Accommodations?

Yes, for senior citizens and people with special needs, you can book our Wheelchair Maxi cabs. Learn more about it here.