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7 Seater MAXI CAB Singapore

Looking for cabs in Singapore? MAXI CAB is ready to serve! Being the best 7 seater MAXI CAB taxi provider in Singapore, we strive hard towards keeping our customers happy. We prioritise the comfort of our customers, and promise a safe & joyous journey. With well-maintained interiors and plenty of legroom, you'll feel right at home in our cabs. A 7 seater Maxi taxi is spacious enough for the whole family, and before you know it, you'll be at your destination. Our expert chauffeurs will get you to your destination safely and on time, with no delays whatsoever. Simply key in your details and find the cheapest 7 seater taxi in Singapore— in no time flat!

  • Airport Departures: $65
  • Airport Arrivals: $75
  • Item Transfer: $65
  • Hourly Booking (min. 3 hours): $65
  • This is suitable for group transfer, multiple pieces of luggage, and bulky items.
  • Can seat up to 7 adults with 7 pieces of luggage.

Affordable & Trustable 7 Seater MAXI CAB Service

MAXI CAB Singapore - On Call MAXI CAB Booking!

Take advantage of our affordable 7 Seater MAXI CAB on-call Booking, which can comfortably lodge up to 7 adult travelers and still have enough space for 5 bags of luggage. The perfect pick for business, entertainment, or even airport transfers. Our rides are tailored towards large groups that can't fit into conventional 4-seat taxis.

Pick a 7 seater MAXI CAB to secure ample space for your whole group. Reserve a MAXI CAB and get a ride within 10 to 15 minute. We're always available to pick you up. You can use our trusted on-call booking services at Changi airport MAXI taxi stands, to make a highly comfortable and reliable trip at affordable prices.

We also cater to special occasions like corporate gatherings, birthdays, and weddings. As a one-stop destination for all your transportation essentials, we provide services such as Singapore hotel transfers, hourly bookings, wheelchair accessible MAXI CAB services, minibus shuttle services, transfer to Malaysia, and many additional services!

7 Seater Maxi Cab booking service
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Frequently Asked Questions on our 7 Seater MAXI CAB services

How Do I Contact MAXI CAB in Singapore?

Book a MAXI CAB here.

How Much is a MAXI CAB fare in Singapore?

Our cabs start at a reasonable price of $50 for two hours. 

How Many Passengers Can a MAXI CAB Have?

Our largest Maxi Cabs can carry up to 13 passengers

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book a Cab?

You can make a reservation with us and get a Maxi cab within 15 minutes or less.

Are Your Services Available 24/7?

Yes, our services are available all day, anywhere in Singapore.

Can I Book Round Trips?

Yes, you can hire us for a round trip to and from the airport.

Do You Provide Special Accommodations?

Yes, for senior citizens and people with special needs, you can book our Wheelchair Maxi cabs. Learn more about it here.